HybridSack | Portable Water & Sand Weightlifting bag (77 / 120 Lbs) Adjustable Fitness Weights Dumbbell Beach Workout Sandbag Waterbag

HybridSack | Portable Water & Sand Weightlifting bag (77 / 120 Lbs) Adjustable Fitness Weights Dumbbell Beach Workout Sandbag Waterbag
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  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL FITNESS TOOL – The ultimate portable weightlifting system for Strength and Functional Training featuring multiple grip configuration for a countless array of functional and bodybuilding exercises: deadlift, row, squat, press, curls… The stable based provided when full, allows to use it as a solid platform to attach resistance bands for toning exercises.
  • HYBRID VERSATILITY – WATER & SAND – HybridSack is the first fitness bag with a patented system which allows adding SAND or WATER indistinctly within seconds to maximize your workout experience and usability. It is designed for a resourceful, time effective and functional way to workout.
  • SCALABLE WEIGHTS – UP TO 77 LBS of WATER – UP TO 120 LBS of SAND. Add as much volume as required for your needs. Discard excess volume with ease. Set up your volume right by using the gauge system – a clear panel displaying volume markings showcased in Lbs and Kgs / Gal and Liters.
  • PORTABLE & FLAT DESIGN – Its minimal design with lesser number of joinery make its structure strong and solid allowing to be folded easily and taking few space to keep into a carry bag for an optimal transportation or storage. It is ideal to carry around and travel. To use it, just fill it up with your preferred materials and resources such as water, sand, pebbles…
  • LEAKPROOF CLOSURE SYSTEM SET-UP WITHIN SECONDS – The Roll and Clasp System allows a much faster configuration to fill up with the aid of its wide open sleeves which can take water and sand in a more convenient way, in opposition with cap based container systems which require plenty of time pre and post usage configuration. To close the bag roll the sleeve over up to 5 times then clasp the buckle piece.
  • TRAIN ANYWHERE – Move around freely without missing a workout: Beach, Outdoors, vacations, park, lake, backyard, home, Indoor gyms, hotel room… Possibilities are unlimited !!!
  • QUALITY GRADE MATERIALS & MANUFACTURING – Made from highly resistant PVC liner, HybridSack provides a solid usage experience. All joints are sealed and webbing is high quality stitched to the thermo-sealed patches to prevent any breakage or leakage. All parts are effectively engineered to not compromise the stability of the bag.
  • EASY MAINTENANCE – The PVC waterproof surface is ideal to keep in good condition being easy to rinse off with fresh water after being used.

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